Dirty Dancing

By dfb65
Written December 12, 2010
This movie rocked. I am a fan of Patrick Swayze. This movie had a realistic style to it.
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Dirty Dancing

By mazabella
Written August 18, 2013
Loved it! Reminded me of my first boyfriend/love and all the emotions I felt back then. It was bittersweet to see Patrick in one of my fave roles. Also puzzled me as to why my mother would forbid me to see it when I was in high school! Oh yes she did! So I took HER to see w/me and she loved it too. She doesn't know why either. I asked. The crowd was a mix of young and old. We laughed often and generally had a great time!
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As amazing as ever!

By chaocat
Written August 12, 2013
This movie is a timeless classic and still wonderful to go see on screen! I never get tired of it and the theater was packed like it was a new movie! Teenagers, Adults and kids all clapped and cheered like it was something they had never seen before! Must go see it if you get a chance. I go everytime it is in the theaters again and watch it on dvd.
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Dirty Dancing

By Alain794
Written August 15, 2013
It was great! I seen it when I was a teenager & seeing it again on the big screen brought back good memories. It's a classic, a must see.
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my favorite movie

By SS Mommy
Written August 12, 2013
Patrick swayze was a true star. Im proud to have seen this on the silver screen
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