You can pass this one.

By rashadxll
Written January 06, 2012
So I just left the theater to write this review. The movie was filmed the same way "Quarantine" and "Clover Field" were. So if you have a hard time watching a shaky camera this not for you. The movie starts off kind of slow, like a documentary with a lot of people talking. Which isn't a bad thing, but you would expect a little different from a horror movie. I could tell that the audience was getting bored with this film because they were progressively getting more talkative and getting up constantly. Acting was C- to B-. Not going to spoil it for you but some of the things the "demons" were saying were corny. "I'm gonna suck your ****,". really? this took the suspense away and everybody was laughing. As for the actors most of them were no-name. My main issue with scary movies this day in age is the time length. This was like 1hr and 15min tops. Not my type of film. This movie is rated R. Not recommended for younger audiences as it has some sexual themes and adult content. Rashadxll
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By chefo10
Written January 06, 2012
This movie was crap. Its a wanna be paranormal activity. BUT way worse. its a documentary based movie that has POOR acting and CRAPPY footage. What you see in the previews is all the action thats in the movie except for one more part that is NOT WORTH paying for. INSTEAD OF WAITING FOR IT TO COME OUT ON DVD, WAIT FOR IT TO BE SOLD AT THE DOLLAR STORE BECAUSE THAT'S WERE IT WILL BE HEADING QUICKLY!!!!! P.S. I JOINED FANDANGO JUST TO WARN ALL THE VIEWERS. I WAS DISSAPPOINTED AND TRULY ASKED FOR MY MONEY BACK AT THE END OF THE MOVIE!!!
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By neal_jeter
Written November 04, 2016
The movie had potential but it strongly reminded me of the Blair Witch project. Also the ending sucked and I've never heard so many people "boo" at the end of a film...
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Where's the rest of my movie?

By Caveman611
Written October 17, 2015
The movie starts out as I expected and builds slowly which I enjoyed, but when the movie seems like it is building to a climax, it definitely surprises the viewers but not in a good way. Watching this is like watching half a movie.
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Worst Movie EVER ... Audience actually BOOED at the end ...

By movie_buff55
Written December 21, 2016
I saw this movie at a FREE screening at Edwards in Mira Mesa yesterday. Before the movie started, the guy working the line said "this movie is intense, 25 people walked out of the free screening in Los Angeles half way through the movie." About 25 minutes into the movie, I turned to my son and told him that those 25 people in LA who walked out were probably BORED. Like one of the other reviewer said, this movie is like the Blair Witch Project and Cloverfield. NO ORIGINALITY. [See reviews on Rotten Tomatos for further clarification] If you watch the TRAILER you will see the best parts of the film; nothing else to see --- except maybe the ending. The guy in front of me said "Great way to end a movie, Scott." I don't know if he was being ironic or if he actually liked the ending. I think the only worthy parts of the movie were the possessed contortionist (see Trailer) and was the way the movie ended. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
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