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Great movie for the whole family!

By MadMex23
Written July 10, 2010
Just returned from watching this and my kids who also saw Toy Story 3...LOVED IT! They prefered this movie over Toy Story 3 (which they saw last weekend). My daughter who is 8, loved it, she was bored watching TS3 but was competely entertained. My son who is 4 who is entertained by both but laughed much more watching Despicable Me. The Minions are hilarious, everytime they came on the screen my 14 month old started to laugh. My wife thought that the 3 little girls were cute and sweet and the story/plot was great. If you have kids it's a MUST SEE. If you don't have kids its a MUST SEE!
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Despicable Me

By Lauradave
Written July 14, 2010
It was a Great Movie for all Ages. Highly Recomend!!
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I liked it!

By Mooseluver8
Written July 11, 2010
It was a little rushed into and unexplained, but it was hilarious and very very cute! It has many lines that you will be giggling about later with your friends... "IT'S SO FLUFFY!" "No no no, not FART gun, DART gun!!" "Oh! That makes more sense, because I was wondering... under what curcumstances would we use a fart gun..." It's really funny! I highly reccomend you see it!
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Seen it for free.

By tiggynsuse
Written July 01, 2010
I was contacted to see this movie for free, so of course I went. I thought it would have been better to sleep then sit through the movie. There was a couple of funny parts but for the most part boring. But since its a 3D movie and the kids will like it, i suppose you can go. If there is another movie to watch with the kids...I say see the other one instead.
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Very funny movie.

By girlsoccer6
Written October 20, 2010
This was such a cute and funny movie. I teared up at some parts and was laughing my head off at others. A must see for everyone.
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