The camera loves...

By rumbledoggie
Written April 25, 2017
...Rachel Weisz's face. She's an astonishing actor, so subtle and beautiful. The film is complex and reverberates with emotion and meaning. It is dark not only in its themes, but also in its cinematography; I don't thing I've SEEN anything as dark since "Godfather, Part 2." One thing the film does wonderfully - and I'm not giving anything away by writing this - is to create an active ambivalence about each character that changes over the course of the story. This is a brilliant piece of work.
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The Deep Blue Sea

By shane212
Written March 26, 2012
A very slowly--too slowly--paced film, over-artistically filmed in soft focus and very very darkly lit (all shots in dim interiors and dark nighttime streets). Rachel Weisz' performance was awesome and the other actors were also very good, but the script seemed pared down to ultra-minimal. This is a mood picture, wildly over-exaggerated by featuring Samuel Barber's lugubrious violin concerto pulling, tugging, and ripping at your heart strings.The morale: love is not enough when you have one member of the couple demoralized by lack of any career goal and the other suffering from a major depression (pass the antidepressants, PLEASE).
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By thedoctor777
Written June 06, 2012
This movie is slow and drawn out. It looks like it was filmed as a B movie. The lighting is bad from start to finish. The storyline is an old one done to death, married woman has an affair and gets caught. This was one I kept wishing would just come to an end as soon as possible. Sorry to all the people who worked hard on this film, cameramen, soundmen, etc; but none of it came together for me.
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A Deep Blue Sea

By Westchestermoviefan
Written March 24, 2012
Film was a disappointment. Good acting cannot save a faulty screenplay. Film is about a spouse who cheats on her husband and forfeits both husband and lover. Male or female this is an old story. The beautiful Rachel Weisz’s character is vapid and uninteresting. I wasted two hours.
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Good Performances but too depressing

By Powerhugs
Written April 16, 2012
As much as I adore Rachel Weisz, this film is far too depressing to have much empathy for any of the characters...Essentially this love triangle that is set in postwar England has some good scenery and a great Violin Concerto in the score but not much else kept me from wishing this torturous screenplay come to a conclusion already...Ugh!!! I think the film could have been improved somewhat if it was a little brighter but the dye was cast I'm afraid..
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