Written December 17, 2008
This evening I attended the special advance private press preview of this entertainingly philosophical 2 hour 47 minute movie-adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's 1921 short story - impeccably wonderfully screen-written by Eric Roth(Forrest Gump). Director David Fincher has served-up a gem of a rich lush meticulous detail-oriented tale(with illuminating one-liners) of a man, Benjamin Button(Brad Pitt), who lives his life backwards - his love-story/romance with Daisy(Cate Blanchett) - with a cast of eclectic characters - told through a series of flashback stories - narratives from a diary during hurricane Katrina. Clever plot devices('lightning man', hummingbirds, storybook) provided continuity for the movie. Themes explored were age/aging, fate/coincidence, love, life/death, motherhood/compassion. Brad was truly riveting while Cate's classical beauty and solid performance mesmerized - Tilda Swinton's screen-presence was consumingly engaging. VERDICT: MUST-SEE!
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Long Movie!

By camaro909
Written December 22, 2008
I saw this movie through a sneak preview. Overall, it is a good movie. It seemed to me like the people that liked the movie the most were people 50 years old and older. I saw the people around me look at their watches a few times. But this is a three hour movie and the beginning is a little slow. But if you think about it, being old is a little boring at times. Consequently, the beginning was a little boring. Then it picked-up and the movie was okay.
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well, it's not fitzgerald

By eyeful
Written January 22, 2009
a weak "go" the short story is a favorite of mine. i was dubious about a film adaptation because the central character in the story isn't exactly sympathetic. well i don't have to worry now, because this film bears no resemblance (save the main theme about aging backwards) to the book in the slightest. the wit and satire of Fitzgerald's story are replaced by typical hollywood soppy sentimentality. brad does a fine job, given the material. it's pretty to look at as you'd might expect although a little plodding and meandering. tilda and cate are on par as per usual, and it's these ladies that got me to go see this in the theatre in the first place. it's worth it if you're a fan of theirs and have nothing better to do.
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depends on your taste of movie

By ckilderry1421
Written December 31, 2008
i have to admit after watching it i found a close resemblence to The Notebook, it gave me that same kinda feel. although i thought the notebook was a little bit better. i didnt know to much going into the movie so i didnt know what to expect, such as the length of the movie haha. it kept me interested enough that i didnt notice i was sittin there for 3 hours so that is always a good sign. the aging of brad pitt and the way his life was because of it makes it a little more intriguing than your run of the mill love story, so if love movies are your thing i would think this will give you a new look at things. all in all it was a pretty good movie, but not my kind of style of movie so it didnt rock my world.
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"One for the ages"

By promarcus
Written November 29, 2008
I got to see the advance screening with Dr. Sanjay Gupta introducing the movie. From start to finish i was intrigued with the cirle of life theme. Its a long film but it keeps its tempo smooth all the way through. This a movie that will make you laugh, cry, ponder life and death and help you to understand your own struggles with love. I think everyone will find something they can relate to in this movie. I loved it and think it will be one for the ages- so to speak
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