Must see for every real man

By huskier
Written January 08, 2015
Absolutely loved it. Realistic, i.e. lacking hollywood-style 30 car blow ups and stupid special effects. Simply realistic. Has humor, actually very good humor, not even close to modern toilet style comedies. I don't care what "critics" say on rottentomotoes and other websites. In my opinion and in opinion of millions of Christian men, this movie has very powerful message, wake up call for many, simple solution for modern world - RESPONSIBLE FATHERS. We are not perfect but unlike politicians we CAN make a difference.
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We need more movies like Courageous!

By daffycuza3
Written January 08, 2015
This movie was such a joy! It proves that a movie with a Christian message can not only provide a solid message, but it can be entertaining as well. THIS is why we go to the movies! We highly recommend that everyone go to see it!
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By Twinkletoes87
Written September 29, 2014
The movie was amazing. I absolutely loved it. I laughed. I cried. It touched me deeply. Id recommend everyone watching it.
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This is a awesome movie with a great message and every family needs to see it together

By funnyfarm1260
Written January 08, 2015
I know the creators of Fireproof did this movie and I loved that movie but Courageous really hits home with all families especially Christian families.It is a must see movies for all families to see together and to grow in faith and always put God first in their lives.I cried through most of the movie because it really can hit home with everyone and let's us all see we do fall short of God's will for us as families and Christians.God bless everyone that had a part in this movie and for our theater for caring enough for showing it.
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By alboo
Written January 08, 2015
I all fathers need to see this movie. It will help them become the father they need to be for their families. It touch me.
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