Written October 10, 2007
I really enjoyed this movie. I've been a big Joy Division fan for years, so the scenes of the writing and performing of some of the songs were awesome. But the movie is actually really about getting not so much into Ian's head, but showing some of the torment he went through dealing with his epilepsy, the demands of his band becoming more successful, and the tug of war beetween his wife and his mistress and being "torn between two lovers" to quote a cheesy song. The movie was shot beautifully in black and white and particular scenes were just really cinematically beautiful. As anyone who's ever listened to Joy Divisions music knows, it goes without saying that Control is not going to be a light cheerful happy ending kind of movie, but also anyone whos gone through the trials and tribulations that come with any sort of romantic relationship, some of the scenes wlll really strike a chord with you and hit you in the gut. I definately reccomend this movie.
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This movie is amazing!!!

By jenmoz
Written October 12, 2007
I am an obsessive Ian Curtis / Joy Division fan, and have written my Master's Thesis on the Manchester scene of this time period. This movie perfectly captures the life and times of the singer's life, as well as the mood of the city. BRAVO!
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The Movie I've Waited a Life Time to See

By HimmuraTube
Written October 30, 2007
Ok, so I'm a biased Joy Division/New Order fan. This movie is brilliantly done. Yes, we do know much of Ian Curtis' history. What this movie has done was to let you live along side him through his tormented life. The sound track was amazing. You knew Joy Division's music was a reflection of Ian Curtis' mind and emotional state. But to hear the music amazingly shadowing his life (in chronological order) sent chills down my spine. This is a must see for any Joy Division/New Order fan.
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Emotionally charged

By dwoodgate
Written November 11, 2007
This period, music and scene was very much part of my life, both preceding through the Velvets etc., and afterwards through New Order and the UK 80s indie scene, so I felt really engaged and present throughout this movie. More importantly, I thought the acting, Anton Corbijn's cinematography and the screenplay were all excellent. However, I was particularly pleased with the way Ian's relationship with Anick and her appearance were so positive and beautiful, given the fact that the film was based upon Ian's wife's book (and moreover she was a co-producer and advisor).
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Tragic and Gorgeous

By modularlife
Written November 19, 2007
Whether you've never heard of Joy Division or are a dyed-in-the-wool fan (such as myself), this film is a crushing portrayal of Ian Curtis' short time on earth that is not to be missed. Even while taking our seats already intimately familiar with the details of Ian Curtis' life, I found the film leaving my wife and I speechless as we walked out of the theater. It's a heavy story that is as beautifully shot as it is well directed by veteran art photographer and music video director, Anton Corbijn. The film's cinematographer has managed to very effectively capture Corbijn's visual genius in moving pictures. Control also has a brilliant propulsion system, found in the live performances by the cast, who learned to play their instruments and manage to conjure the spirit of Joy Division as well as anyone apart from the original lineup could ever hope to. I would absolutely buy a recording of these versions, were it available - they're that good. Go tonight. It's a classic.
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