A so-so bargain basement production. Might as well go shop elsewhere. GRADE: C-average

Written February 13, 2009
Recently I attended the advance press preview of this 1hr 52mins movie-adaptation of the series of novels by Sophie Kinsella. I have not read the novels - but I went into the press preview with low expectations - and justifiably so. The chemistry between the cast members were tepid - and the strained acting was as average as last season's fashion markdowns - plus, most of the cast over-acted. NO - I totally did not buy into the characters. Were there lots of oohs and aahs so-called designer clothes/fashions? Yes - but nothing spectacular worth writing home to mom about. However, I've to give credit to the movie for it's portrayal of modern-day excess and materialism - and its relevance to the recent economic meltdowns. Otherwise, the plot - wait, there was a plot??? I was bored during the entire movie - almost walked-out. VERDICT: GO - if you really must - but, at best - a rental. I'm glad I did not spend $$$ to see it. It's rated PG - so, kids/family-friendly.
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Give me a BREAK!

By ellen1991
Written January 30, 2009
I have read every one of the shopaholic books and lets just say that if you have read the books and than see the movie you will be so affended and the movie will most likely make you puke! I love the series and this movie followed maybe one or two events that really happened in the books! I feel bad for the actors really! For that two events I will give it a no! If it weren't for those two events I would give it a OH NO!! With Capital letters...I feel that if a book is to be made into a movie it should at least follow the events in the book. OK I may be a little harsh but I just Call It As I See It!!!!! Sorry to upset anyone, Anyway...Out- Your Very Realistic Fan(or not)
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is there anything lower than zero hats?

By shutabug76
Written February 13, 2009
this movie is just a waste of time. i heard jan wahl's (a movie reviewer in the san francisco area) review of this movie and i have to say she was spot on. she (and i )gave it zero out of 4 hats (stars). it was unintelligent and just plain stupid. don't waste the time. if you want to see it, don't rent it at blockbuster; rent it through netflix. this way, you won't spend a lot of money on a really bad movie. better yet, borrow it from someone who buys it...
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By Ashie8484
Written February 06, 2009
For anyone who loves the book serious this movie was great. Becky was exactly how I pictured her - the movie was fun and full of color! The outfits were fabulous! Perfect start for a girls night out!
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Confessions of a Shopaholic

By paigiepoo27
Written January 31, 2009
This movie was great. If you read the book it is a must watch movie. If you havent read any of the books definetly read at least one before going to see the movie!!!
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