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By haledav
Written February 11, 2013
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By 1mouse
Written February 11, 2011
I really like it. I thought it was a true depiction of the times in our country. It was not a happy go lucky movie, but a Hopeful movie. It hasn't gotten as much press as I think it deserves, but I day GOGOGO!
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Dreadful screenplay

By pnt60022
Written February 12, 2011
Awful film. Actors have nothing to work with. Screenplay is a disaster. Do not go see this movie. Don't even see it in cable.
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Company men

By dwpatches
Written February 01, 2011
Very good movie with outstanding cast. The movie reminded me how big companies and banks only care about the bottom line. I wish the gov't would have let them both go under so they would know what pain really feels like.
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The Company Men

By goldie2047
Written January 24, 2011
I was riveted to the screen for the entire movie--acting was very good--my husband found it depressing and could not relate as he's never worked in the corporate world. If you've ever been fired and/or have had to go on job interviews you will definitely relate to this movie.
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