By Charles78
Written November 29, 2014
a five star film about the genius Alan Turing whose mathematical theories provided the foundation of the computer age and whose work during World War Two allowed the Western allies to read messages enciphered by the Germans with their coding machine, Enigma, which they believed to be "unbreakable" . Turing broke it. What he did was so secret almost no one knew what he had done. After the war he was harassed for his open homosexuality--then illegal in Great Britain-- by the British police. Fearful that he would be turned by the Soviets although he was openly gay and not subject to blackmail, he was under constant survellience by MI5, Great Britain's internal security agency. Turing either killed himself or was allegedly killed by MI5. Charles McCain, historian and author of An Honorable German
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Tragic and inspirational

By Chiegl1967
Written December 08, 2012
Well told story about one of the greatest minds of a millennium. It's a shame that his brilliance was not appreciated in his day.
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