See it in


By noregrets1979
Written February 19, 2018
well i didnt fall asleep so thats good. the movie had its funny parts, interesting parts, emotional parts, creepy parts, cool made-up-language parts. it just took me a minute to begin to make sense off all the different characters, but atleast they wrap it up nicely, well i still have questions but for the most part i got the gist. im not a harsh critic so i say its worth checking out.
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Entertaining, but long

By Jentoujours
Written February 11, 2018
I enjoyed the show more than I thought I would. Much of it is very entertaining. But after 2 hours I found my patience waning. I went with someone that had read the book and she enjoyed both - so maybe reading the book ahead of time is a good idea.
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Not a Mindless Evening at the Movies

By Yayanel
Written February 22, 2018
Cloud Atlas is an interesting well performed movie and with a complex story. It was difficult at times to make connections but worth the effort. I will need to see it again to better connect the threads of the story. It was great to see a film that creates discussion about the story and not just "I like the part when ..."
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A Beautiful Film

By brianecahill
Written February 21, 2018
I enjoyed Cloud Atlas very much. But it was not without its flaws. It was structured differently than the book, interlacing the stories rather than proceeding from one to the next, which I think contributes to the sense of confusion some viewers are expressing. Also, the stunt casting went a bit far. Every time a familiar face showed up in a different role, it was a bit distracting. The film is worth seeing, though, which is why my overall rating is a solid Go.
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Wait for video

By joemarine80
Written February 19, 2018
Love Tom Hanks and Halle Berry, but; Movie sucked. The multiple time periods intermixed is only a small part of the problem. For whatever reason, each of the vignets do not build to the desired climax. Very let down that this movie was not able to deliver. Was a waste of time. Avid Movie Goer
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