Not so chimptastic!

Written July 19, 2008
MY13yr old daughter,my4yr old son,and I went to see it & my children enjoyed it. I didn't too much, it just wasn't too interesting. It was funny at times, and the bathroom scene not cool. SO there you have it,on the bright side it was a way too cool off in this swealtering heat. So if you would like to keep it cool and take the kids out then go for it.
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healthy alternative to the animated cartoons

By susans_movie_reviews
Written April 22, 2012
When I walked in the theater last night with my granddaughter and friend, there was hardly anyone in the theater. I wondered; 'Where are all the people?' The sound in the theater was a little lower than normal during so I was a little disappointed because there is a specific level it should be to create 'waves', but never the less, we enjoyed the video part. When the movie finally began the very first thing I noticed was the great movement; [Cinematography]. The Elapsed Time segments were unbelievable. It was very easy to be captivated into the close-ups of the faces of the animals, the water dripping on leaves, the army ants scurrying about in the morning sun, the tropical rainstorms and of course the emotional joy and pain you felt from the family unit of the chimps. The pace of the movie was the only thing I was concerned about whether or not my 5 year old would patiently sit through, but I was pleasantly surprised to see her enjoying a healthy alternative to the animated cartoons.
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Special Film

By jfklein23
Written April 21, 2012
It is unbelievable when you see what these guys go through to film these scenes. Additionally, the death of Oscar's mother (kind of like in Nemo) was handled in such a manner that younger kids would not be upset ... and everyone will be fascinated by the photography, and the story.
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By reppsmith
Written April 21, 2012
My husband & I both loved it. Poignant! Dramatic! Relatable! It was told in a narrative way, with a plot and the kind of comments kids could relate to. However, we felt the film had levels and one could related to it on the appropriate level. Lots of incredible cinematography and information there for the taking. The many children in the theater were enraptured and didn't seem to lose focus throughout. The more violent scenes were done off camera---no worries. Don't leave right away- there is a segment after the story ends where they discuss the amazing experience of filming the movie.
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Don't sugar coat it, kid. Give it to me straight....

By xk8
Written April 21, 2012
I'm happy I saw this movie but it's styled for little kids. The (true) story is wonderful but Disney has added plenty of sugar to satisfy the kiddie audience taste. I wish there were an adult version available that showed a bit more of the grit (ala, March of the Penguins)...which would serve to enhance the wonder of the miracle that happens. I don't think Disney has ever lived down killing Bambi's mother so they really sanitized this one (even still, I heard more than a few children sniffling in the audience, and who's to say some of those weren't adults). Tim Allen is the perfect narrator with some funny allusions to Tool Time, however, I wish sometimes he would just stop talking and let the footage run longer and speak for itself. The star of the movie is, of course, Oscar, the heart-stealing baby'll want to put him in your pocket and take him home. Watch all the way through the credits...more great footage, plus a gentle nudge to get involved with primate conservation.
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