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Butchered Sequel!

By pictouch
Written June 29, 2011
I was kinda excited to see that they were promoting Cars 2. The first one was very good, so I thought Disney would not disappoint me with it's sequel. I was so flabbergasted... First off, there is not enough Lightning McQueen screen time. No, the main character of this movie is Mater. Yes, the brown towing truck. I have no idea why did made a choice like that, but it was awful! The story line was very tedious, and not as enjoyable as the Cars 1. It took me freakin' willpower to sit down and finish the movie, when all I could think about was leave the theater. Even my brother said it was awful. Sorry, Pixar. You can make bugs cute, brings toys to life, and even make a house fly, but you just can't make cars have that "vroom" that it needs to make it worthwhile. Sorry, but don't even waste your money on this movie. Save yourself!!!
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Very Disappointed

By zvmom
Written June 25, 2011
We loved the first Cars movie. It was everything a family movie should be. We were really looking forward to Cars 2 because all the hype was that it is better than the first. WRONG. It is too political, too violent, and the plot is too complicated for the average age of the viewer. For a studio that put out great family movies like Toy Story, A Bugs Life, Finding Nemo, Wall-E - Cars 2 is a MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT.
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By jacqueline0121
Written June 25, 2011
My husband & I brought our 2 1/2 Yr old Toddler to see Cars 2 yesterday. This was our first official visit to the theater with our toddler to watch a movie together as a family. We all had such a great time! The movie was really great & our toddler actually sat still for nearly the entire time so it held his interest. I would highly recommend this movie for children & adults of all ages.
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awsome fun for the entire family

By theonore
Written December 30, 2011
I can not beleve all the people complaing about this movie when we rented it for family movie night one night and it was fine the so called violence only made the story more intresting for us and we all loved the whole idea of the spy story and the movie was wonderful but on the other hand it did like i said have some violent content so just be careful with smaller or sencitive kids happy viewing
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Animation/graphics are excellent.Story leaves much to be desired.

By akantsios
Written June 25, 2011
Animation/graphics are excellent.Story leaves much to be desired. Movie is all over the place. Wait for this one to hit movie channels at home or via subscription service. Our kids, 4 and 2, didn't care one way or the other...didn't leave talking about the movie like they did after Thor or Kung Fu Panda 2. From their reaction, I conclude Cars 2 was less than memorable for them.
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