lived up to our expectations

By melocq22
Written January 17, 2008
Anyone who has been following this trilogy would agree that the third installment was the best yet and that it definitely fullfilled our expectations. The ending left room for a possible fourth installment. This could be the result of Eric Van Lustbader continuing the series in its written format. There were a couple instances in the movie where Damon's character seemed almost invincible but aside from that, the movie was realistic and accurate. Fans will be pleased when they see Jason Bourne take on another one of the CIA's "assets" in hand to hand combat. Bourne seems to be a darker and more intense character as he continues to discover the truth about his past. I recommend anyone who has been following the series to see this movie and if you haven't been keeping up, get to a video store.
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What a Summer Blockbuster SHOULD be!

By Rumrnr
Written August 10, 2007
Run do not walk to see this movie! Fans of the books have come to terms with the fact that the movies have little to do with the authors intended story line. That being said the screen writers have crafted a trilogy of action films that any adrenaline junky will be completely satied with. This third installment of the Bourne saga leaves nothing to be desired, It ties up questions left unanswered from the prior movies and provides almost non-stop action from start to finish. I'm happy to see action/intrigue films become more story driven as this film is over past efforts in the catagory such as the Roger Moore "Bond" Efforts. I know I'm happy seeing a great story and non stop action over the gizmo's and gadget special effects of yesterday. If you think "Casino Royal" was a great movie then this one will not dissapoint either! Hmmm....... I wonder if there will be another, I HOPE there will be......
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By Macholatino
Written January 12, 2008
Totally awesome picture, great action, intense moments and very unpredictable, the fighting scenes keeps you at the edge of your seat. Must see movie!!!!!!!
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By cjtolmie
Written January 12, 2008
I have never seen any of the Bourne movies and I was blown away by this film. It was a great piece of cinema. I was able to understand the plot despite not seeing the other films and enjoyed it very much. Great Ending!!!
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The Bourne Ultimatum

By Simi_Loca
Written February 01, 2008
Great Movie... a must see.
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