Bourne of a Different Breed

By Darkola
Written May 06, 2016
I've read alot of bad reviews on this movie, and I can see why to a point. I know the beginning was a little dragged on, but for a purpose, its introducing a new character to its audience, from the perspective of the goverment, and also from the perspective of the new Bourne acter himself, showing his capabilities. I also found it smart in the way they tied this in with the ending of the last movie, showing it as going on at the same time the last movie was coming to an end. The action in this movie was very good, but at the same time, its the chase scenes weve seen over and over again in these types of movies, and to be honest, I'm not sure what more they can do in that area. Renner in my opinion, was not the right actor for this movie as he lacks showing feelings. The story about "the pills" was also way off, should have been left out completely, it was a far fetched idea that didnt tie in at all to any of the bourne movies. I'd give this 2 1/2 stars out of 4 myself. Enjoy :)
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Please NO MORE BOURNE!!!!!!

By Agarrat
Written June 22, 2017
I personally thought jerremy renner would have made a better agent than matt damon boy was i wrong... this movies plots and dialogue at times leave you like "what are they talking about" the action sequence was weak at best nothing that felt at the edge of your seat
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An utter disappointment

By msemcken
Written December 06, 2016
I went to this movie with three of my friends and each one of us were left dumbfounded by how anticlimatic, confusing, and pointless this entire movie was. This is in no way a part or a refection of the borne movies in any way, shape of form. SIMPLY AWFUL.
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What a great ride

By ellekate
Written August 29, 2016
Seriously, Jeremy Renner has really taken this new character and made it his own. I love how they blend the two stories to give you a sense of where Aaron Cross fits in. It's unfortunately not clear who exactly the people are chasing them (not quite CIA, not quite . . . who are they?). Renner's character portrayal makes Cross likable and real. It made me wonder if they screwed up in choosing Cross for the program being such a personable and clearly sweet guy, not the typical cold agents. And Rachel Weisz' character reflects just how much good people are used for bad things in the name of patriotism and they end up disposable. While there are clearly some similarities between the two characters, Bourne and Cross, and movies, Renner has created his own franchise here in this reboot. Can't wait to see what the next leg of their adventure has in store.
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Good but could have been better

By Rebnme
Written February 13, 2016
Not sure if it was as good as the previous ones, maybe I missed Matt Damon/Jason Bourne. But there was the requisite fight and car chase scenes and lack of romance :( Sometimes a bit difficult to follow, but it was interesting how they pulled in scenes from the previous BOurne movie to intertwine the stories
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