By 4christ123
Written March 21, 2010
This movie was non-stop laughing... it did start out alittle slow but after that it flew by. Aniston was great and looked as good as she did in Friends 10 years ago. Butler was also very good. The plot was great and it was nice to see Aniston play a more seriuos role following the murder case while still keeping her funny character. And why is everyone saying there was no chemistry, there isnt supposed to be any until the end because their characters were supposed to hate each other. Overall Must See
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By lovestalentmoviefan
Written March 24, 2010
...memorable at all. Best moment I recall was Butler in his towel. Yes! Otherwise, nothing to make this stand on it's own from other same type flicks. Complaints about Milo being rough looking confuse me because that's who his character was. Also, it's pretty sexy! Poor J.Aniston. I am not a real fan,but was happy that it seemed like she was getting a chance to do something a little more exciting and different from her last few roles. Nope. She just needs to quit trying to be a 'movie star'. Golf carts---don't we ALWAYS know what will happen with one. Just wait for rental. Trust me.
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The Bounty Hunter Movie Review

By Asianfreak
Written December 04, 2016
70 out of 100 A "cute" romantic comedy that has some falling-asleep moments but still fun.
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By birac
Written March 31, 2010
With Butler,I thought this would be way funnier and a must see at least twice. Wrong. I even expected Aniston to spread her wings a little from the previews. She didn't. Not real cohesive,with varied storylines,and that was the problem. Writers should have put more into the MAIN theme,with maybe one of the supporting stories. Except for the both good looking thing,the leads did not have chemistry or convince me of anything. And,come on,when you put the actors in tight,impractical clothes ,high heels,multiple down the shirt camera shots,towels etc.,you give them reasons to not put out up to par performances,and simply tell the viewers that all they want is sex appeal. We are intelligent grown ups,and all know there are pretty people in hollywood. By the way-way too much time in tanning booths for both of them.
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The Bounty Hunter has a few funny moments with a slopped together story

By thesilentcat4
Written March 26, 2010
The biggest problem, and yes I'm starting off with its biggest problem, was that its story was just SO predictable and showed so much non-preparation and thought that it just hurts to watch it. Other than that flaw, the movie was OK. The acting was well done, and there were a few good funny scenes in this. But the story's problems hurt it too much, and its just a bore to watch. Also, its such a typical romantic comedy it looks like they went strictly "by-the-book" on doing a romantic comedy. OK MOVIE, maybe go see it
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