Absolutely. Go.

By makeshiftbelle
Written April 14, 2012
I was talking to a friend who'd walked out of the showing right before mine, I ask him how it was he said he'd liked it but preferred more heavy, heady apologetics etc. As I watched the movie I thought to myself...what good would heady, heavy apologetics do if a heart was never moved. If it were never personal but rather an argument to be won or lost. I understand and admire even the individual who can keep pace in crazy complicated debating and maybe some people need that first but we all need heart review, I'd argue that it is actually more necessary than the former. And I believe this movie candidly and with great humor and sincerity hits that button. I guarantee you whether you say it out loud to anyone else or not some part of this movie will strike a chord in you, believer or not, and you'll be better for it, if you don't ignore it. A must see.
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Laugh out loud if you grew up in church! Real, provocative, entertaining

By johnthetoolman
Written April 13, 2012
Does the reality of God really make a difference in my life? Can I follow Jesus and not have it all figured out? Is Christianity a journey or a destination? Donald Miller’s provocative style in exploring faith, Jesus, and the Church is raw, real, and still so needed. The book behind this movie was instrumental in creating a new culture within the church. The movie gives voice to ten of thousands of spiritually bi-polar Christians who were tired of living two separate lives- church and the rest of life. Many young people want to be true to their faith and true to Christ, but they don’t have it all together. Nor do they want to if that means conformity to the religious Christian sub-culture. Life, cfamilies, relationships, and even faith are messy sometimes and we find out selves in places we never intended, yet,… we did. Thankfully, God still pursues us in our unloveliness, pride, and selfishness. The movie explores this and you will come away wanting to talk about this movie.
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By ac123
Written April 13, 2012
I am an avid fan of the book Blue Like Jazz, by Donald Miller, so admittedly, I went into the movie expecting to be somewhat disappointed, as most fan-of-the-book-before-the-movie-was-created folks are. However, I was so, incredibly pleasantly surprised. The relevancy of this movie to our culture is undeniable. Blue Like Jazz cuts deep to the heart and unabashedly does so. It is raw and emotion evoking, while maintaining a steady pace in humor. Goodness, I just love this movie so much. For a film to make you think, laugh, and feel, I urge you to see Blue Like Jazz.
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Thank You

By StefanieLindholm
Written April 14, 2012
It is very refreshing to see a film that is true to life. I cannot imagine someone not being able to relate to one of the characters or the diverse situation they find themselves in. Each character was well developed and I wanted more!! I wanted to hang out with Lauren, be apart of Civil Disobedience with Penny and weld a tall bike with Don. BLJ is a great film for teens and adults, leaves you with plenty to think about and a desire to be true to yourself.
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A Challenge and a Heart Tug

By edunn7
Written April 13, 2012
This movie will make you laugh. It will make you wonder if the producers really WERE Christians. It might make you tear up (it made me cry, but I'm known to do that). But it most certainly will challenge you and tug at your heart. It will challenge the ideas about God you have, the ideas about Christianity you have. It will leave you wondering. It will tug at that part of you that got lost when you went off to college--or maybe not lost, just confused. And it may even provide some clarity. See it.
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