Five Word Review

By redyeah
Written August 27, 2009
Thrilling take on vamipre legend.
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By sircbr
Written February 11, 2016
How can you not like this movie???
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Greatest Movie Of All Time

By Rak-Man
Written August 10, 2015
Blade Is The Coolest, Most bad***, Stylish & Sleek Martial Arts And Supernatural Horror Thriller You Will Ever See. This Movie Is The Reason Why You Will Realize That The Avengers Is a Gay/Fruity Pansy Ass Lame Movie. Just Watch The Opening Sequence Of The First 15 or 20 Minutes Of Blade Doin' Martial Arts Killin and Shootin Up A Horror Blood Club Full Of Supernatural Demonic Vampires. Greatest Movie
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By chemicalrukkus
Written February 27, 2010
I honestly cannot explain how perfect this film is... To fully detail every key aspect would take much longer than the allowed space given here. It has an entirely solid story from beginning to end. There's a quick intro into the characters and gets right to the power/core of the vampire uprising. We truly get to understanding our hero, Blade, through his emotional past and connections of present. Also it's special in the fact that romance was NOT involved (like every other hero story) even with a leading female by our protagonist's side. As a whole it is very entertaining! Jam-packed with gore (blood everywhere!), action, drama, profanities, great music, and extreme situations. I rate it 13 outta 10! Extra 3 points specifically fer these reasons---> 1+ for flawless antagonist/villain 1+ for special effects/camerawork 1+ for fight choreography
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