Killer Killer Whales

By pedsarq
Written April 28, 2017
I'm so glad this movie made it to the big screen, even if in limited release. It's the story of killer whales in captivity, most notably in Seaworld parks and affiliates. These animals were hunted and taken from their complex families in the wild and are kept in confined spaces and punished regularly when they don't perform their circus tricks. They occasionally lose it, and understandably so. The story centers around the killing of Orlando Seaworld trainer Dawn Brancheau, who was basically swallowed by an underfed 12,000 lb orca with a history of erratic and hostile behavior after being in captivity for over 30 years. Other attacks by whales are examined, and there are interviews with ex-trainers, family members, and activists. The movie is exciting to watch and you end up caring for the whales, the trainers, and will inevitably develop a dislike for Seaworld. I recommend this movie because it is well done as a documentary -- the important messages it delivers are a bonus.
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Amazing movie

By jlauracooke
Written March 01, 2017
Blackfish was one of the best films i have ever seen. A true eye opener. A movie everyone should see, especially if you have small children. WE as a society need to stop using animals of all kinds (land, sea, air) for our own entertainment but at the detriment of their lives. This movie should have been made years ago, its time we stop concentrating on how much money we can make especially off of others. Feel terrible for the previous trainers who were employed as well as the people who were injured or died due to the negligence of Sea World/Sea Land and the lies they told and continue to tell. This movie will make you cry if you have a heart!!! a definite must see!
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Maybe SeaWorld can make a difference....

By samzam
Written July 28, 2016
This is an excellent movie...while the subject matter is sensitive regarding the recent death of a SeaWorld employee, it stands as a tribute to those who love the animals that have been exploited by a giant corporation. I learned some interesting facts about the animals...and the film also revealed some of the falsehoods promoted as 'science' by the company to make itself appear benevolent. The film has some beautiful moments and is filled with compelling interviews. Hopefully, it will become a financial necessity for the company to treat these animals properly. I must admit, I seriously doubt that I will ever take my family to a SeaWorld park until the exploitation of creatures and employees has been resolved....
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By luvmovies444
Written February 25, 2018
I don't think I've ever left a review for a movie before but this one was so incredible that I felt I had to. You realize what truly intelligent and feeling animals they are and how horrifically they are treated by Sea World. I hope this movie is able to change how these magnificent animals are treated by people who only care about making money at any cost, including allowing their trainers to work under very known dangerous conditions.
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Is SeaWorld the Monster?

By mcclurejc
Written January 18, 2017
For those of us living in Central Florida, the tragic event at SeaWorld on February 24, 2010 came as shocking news. Many of us felt the impact since we have visited and enjoyed the park over the years. We found out that senior trainer Dawn Brancheau was killed by the orca named Tilikum, but we didn’t know exactly what happened and, more importantly why? The recently released documentary film Blackfish sets out to answer this question and in doing so, questions the entire premise of SeaWorld. There are two overarching themes in the movie: 1) Orca captivity is bad for the whales. 2) SeaWorld puts their orca trainers at risk. The sub-theme here is that SeaWorld itself is a bad actor through its actions and dealings with the whales and the SW employees. The film interviews several former trainers along with others with expertise in studying orcas. [BLOCKED WEBSITE]
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