A lot of ins and outs. A lot of what have yous

By pdm2
Written January 21, 2018
Taking the film noir to SoCal 90s, blending mistaken identity with a touch of post traumatic stress, calmed by taking comfort in the thought there is someone out there taking it easy for all the rest of us. It allegorically teaches the zen wisdom to not mess with strangers, or the Jesus, or amphibious marmots. In the dawning age of mobile car phones, nihilists return.
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The Big Lebowski

By ArtHouseGuy65
Written January 27, 2018
The Dude Abides! And so does this film after all these years. Thank you Joel Coen. Bridges and Goodman are amazing. This film still running to large crowds of midnight movie goers all over the country. A cult classic
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