Went to The Premiere in Austin - VERY GOOD

By hawaii596
Written March 21, 2011
It is a very engaging, intelligent movie. Inspite of his current woes, Mel Gibson is still a brilliant actor, and I am still a fan. Much credit to Jodie Foster for her role both acting and directing, as she is becoming one of the great actors of our time as well. I believe this is to clinical depression almost what "A Beautiful Mind" was to schizophrenia. although it wasn't the most powerful role Gibson has ever played, It took his brilliance to make us take a man wearing a beaver puppet seriously. It is a serious movie which I await the inputs from the professional psychiatric community as to its accuracy (portraying mental illness). And for Jodie, - it was not sentimental (which she said at the premiere that she doesn't like sentimentality in such subject matter). Not a big picture. But a big, understated, well portrayed message about people who suffer from mental illness. It also deals very well with how we cope with life's difficulties.
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The Beaver

By WBretz
Written May 23, 2011
This is a very well written movie. Mel Gibson plays the part very well. I would highly reccomend this movie if you know anything about depression, it is an insightful movie.
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By sylvia solo
Written May 24, 2011
If anyone coul depict the hellish decent into mental illness, it would be Mel! Say what you want about him, but the man is brilliant both as an actor and a director/producer.... I noticed one reviewer said the movie was too "depressing"...HELLLLLLLOOOOO, it's about mental illness....nothing to happy about that but it was portrayed so sensitively, esp by Jodi Foster who plays the long suffering wife.... I can only say GO SEE IT! IMHO
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The Beaver

By Beckmeister
Written January 18, 2015
The is a great imaginative story. Mel is great and this really shows off his talent. It has a great message about change, motivation, and hope.
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Put aside your personal feelings

By suemarie
Written May 19, 2011
Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster have made a really good movie. The subject matter of depression can be suffocating but this movie is much more. A man suffering still has to be a husband, a father to two boys and run a company. He acquires a puppet that enables him to function. The acting is so good, especially the kids. Def. a movie for adults.
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