I Can't Wait

By moviewatcher411
Written November 16, 2007
This movie looks awsome, it looks funny and has two great actors (Jack Black and Mos Def), well Mos Def isn't great but he can be funny. this movie is about a video rental store. But when something happens to his videos and they all become blank it is all caused on Jack Black, who has taken over the power of electrizity. So, they both start making their own movies based on the blockbuster hits. This movie looks funny and I can't wait to see it.
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By movie_goer525
Written December 18, 2007
This movie looks so awesome!!! it will be so funny!!!
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By justinluedeke
Written February 23, 2008
Movie was packed! Every show was SOLD OUT and I know why - this movie is absolutely hilarious! A MUST SEE! Jack Black in one of his best roles. If you only see one comedy this year, this has got to be the one!!!!!!!
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Be Kind, Rewind

By wendifriesen
Written February 23, 2008
I had low expectations. But this movie totally blew me away. The entire audience was laughing out loud and at the end many of them were clapping. One of the major reviews says it lacked credibility. Hahaha, well it certainly is not a movie that was made to be plausible or credible. It was a creative, unique and totally bizarre premise that should not have worked, but it did. Crazy as it sounds this movie has a huge heart and soul, is silly fun, uplifting and nutty. And then I find an entirely new form of entertainment, which will be a legend in our time... Sweded movies. I am still laughing. "I'd like Driving Miss Daisy Sweded please". Toooo Funny. Wendi.com
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By Mojo Brian
Written February 18, 2008
I saw the trailer and it looks really great. The movie in general is probably really good. I mean, it's not a parody, but it kinda is.
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