This film is actually hilarious

By rzr
Written June 23, 2008
Quirky comedy, not horror, but a great riff on indie filmmaking full of clever, bitterly funny moments and real, believable performances. (I don't think people should be allowed to actually VOTE on a rating if they haven't actually SEEN the film, which it seems Fandango allows you to do. All those people running the NOs up who just say it doesn't look like something they want to see are just weird and strange. Actually go and SEE the film, then you can comment.) Rotten Tomatoes gives it a 100%, which means it has had ZERO bad reviews from actual film critics. Fan meter nonsense on Fandango is clearly all mucked up.
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By greenieblade
Written June 11, 2008
this movie looks pretty funny i have to admit, but on the other hand... NOT SCARY AT ALL. i might go but i will probably get the same feeling from this movie as i did from texas chainsaw massacre... trailers were okay, but movie AWFUL. only some scary parts... baghead huh? more like *******
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By smt0922
Written June 14, 2008
I've seen several of the Duplass Brother's Movies and they keep getting better and better. While Baghead is not your typical horror movie (don't expect too much "scary") it is extremely well written and entertaining. I would definitely recommend it!
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By austin55
Written June 11, 2008
looks realy suckishes
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A bag of fun.

By wprphd
Written August 04, 2008
Both funny and, at a couple of points, scary. I could empathize with each of the characters and they seemed believable. I guess a lot of the dialog was semi-spontaneous; in this case that worked very well - seemed real. Unlike "Blair Witch Project," to which this film has been compared, I found the story to be believable for the most part. From my perspective, this is most essentially a story about the relationship between the two male characters. Trust, jealousy,betrayal both real and imagined, loyalty and forgiveness are the themes explored in their friendship and that part of the story is entirely realistic and I wound up liking both of them. The female characters have subordinate roles, but they too are likable and I recognized women I have known.
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