Bad Words Synopsis
A mean-spirited 40-year-old (Jason Bateman) exploits a loophole and enters a national spelling bee.
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An absolute treat

By eyebhdr
If I have to spend $14 of my hard-earned money to go the theatre to watch a movie, this is the kind of film I want to see. Bateman and newcomer Chand should both be awarded at very least a Golden...

Bad Words

By gacsr2
A Very Very Funny and Well Directed Movie. Acting is Great and the Movie was a Very Very Enjoyable Movie. Whoever gave it 2.5 stars should not be a critic. My whole family came out of the movie...

Crude, bold and hilarious!

By WendiWendi
I saw this at a screening. Laughed and laughed, it was really funny and creative. Not for the kids! Jason Bateman is excellent and his little indian friend is a treasure. Must go!...

Fell flat

By Cjg1122
Thought movie poster and Stern interview were strong indicators of another hit movie like horrible bosses. I was looking forward to laughing non stop unfortunately it didn't happen. The movie fell...

Hysterical, loved it!

By shobbs333
Jason Bateman is such a good straight man! The irreverent lines flew out so fast it was hard to keep up with them. Little Indian boy was so good as was Katherine Hahn, although she didn't get to...

Loved this movie

By cherylmittel
If you are a fan of Jason Bateman, this is a must see. And his co-star is adorable. I loved this movie and thought the storyline was very good....

Bad Words

By riceshaffer
I give it a 7 No more, I love Funny, This was built up to be alot funnier than it was, A little Crude, But not to Bad, It lacked something, I don't know what, But something, Most of the funny...

Bad Words. Bad Movie.

By nyc movie maven
This is a mean-spirited, hate-filled movie, with a thin plot and cheap laughs. The biggest "jokes" are at the expense of women: really crude (and unprovoked) homophobic comments directed at Allison...

Grown up Jason

I loved this movie. I love political incorrect actions and behavior. Jason does not play his usual "goodie two-shoes" guy. He is all grown up and off his rocker. If you like small independent films,...

More than what we expected!

By megan995
Very good movies. The preview did no do it justice. Great story with some depth. Jason Bateman showed a wonderful range as did the little boy. I won't give anything away -- but I think you will be...

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Rated R | For Crude and Sexual Content, Brief Nudity and Language
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Common Sense Media says Comedy best for older teens gets laughs with offbeat humor.
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