Bridesmaids, Hold the Upper Decker

By zephyrtr
Written September 17, 2012
More of a hard-nosed comedy than a lewd, 2-hour SNL sketch, Bachelorette starts off without giving you much time to think: old high school friends are reunited as the first of the four prepares for marriage. The issue is the 3 NOT getting married are shocked it's the kind if unattractive Becky that's landed the rich and handsome husband-to-be and not, well, anyone else. The rest of the movie explores exactly why this is: Gena still isn't over her high school boyfriend, Katie is oblivious and Regan is goal-oriented to the point of psychopathy. Did I also mention they're all coke-heads? Fans of Curb Your Enthusiasm are sure to love this movie. Each character engineers their own destruction as well as those around them, thus forcing them on a quest to try to fix things as best they can. There are no poop jokes, though there is more than a little vomit. This is a real comedy: funny people in funny situations. My only complaint is Rebel Wilson's character didn't get more screentime.
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Intense Floral Arrangement

By gilbert282
Written May 04, 2013
How dynamic - the microscopic overlook of such charming and diverse maidens! I really loved the way Kirsten summarized the movie's conclusion - advancing from scene to scene, holding the fiasco together, staying calm, in control, charming as a feather in the wind. If I could spell a whistle it would go: Barruuga....uuuga!
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By Bonitababs
Written September 16, 2012
Hated it. Walked out. On a scale of 0-10? Gave it a zero. It's a satire, said the critcs. A satire? Hardly; satire has wit; this has none. Just a bunch of losers snorting cocaine and eviscerating one another with viscious barbs.
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Hilarious DARK Comedy...don't go expecting "Bridesmaids II"

By 143-ChickFlicks
Written September 17, 2012
Seeing some of the more negative reviews I have to assume that people went expecting Bridesmaids II...that is not what this film is. If however you can appreciate a well written, sharp DARK comedy with the best My so Called Life references I've ever seen in a film, then you will like this movie =).
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One big mean mess!

By jeffrohde
Written September 10, 2012
Nothing else to say other than hopefully this disgusting offensive waste of emulsion (digital or otherwise) keeps anyone form ever allowing Leslye Headland near a computer (to write) or a camera (to direct). WOW - how did this ever happen?
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