A solid movie .....

By sgr4698
Written August 29, 2008
just got back from the midnight showing. I liked it, its not as bad as the critics are saying. I am however a Vin Diesel fan. Its not great but it is for sure entertaining with good action and an interesting story.
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By austin789
Written June 02, 2008
this movie remindes me of xxx but it looks so cool
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A must see for Riddick fans

By chrisinfl
Written September 03, 2008
This movie has all of the features of Vin's Riddick character, but only placed in a "not so distant future." I must admit, I was a little disappointed with the ending, it certainly could have gone in many different directions worthy of an excellent movie. Having said that, Vin's character makes this movie. No surpries there! I guarentee for those of us that carry our "Chronicle's Of Riddick" dvds around with us, this is a must see movie. 'Nough said....... chrisinfl
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Vin Diesel

By Jjvillarreal
Written August 19, 2008
Vin Diesel Is a good actor and i think he is going t be good in this movie because he never messes up he made the movies XXX, and Knockaround Guys, And The Fas and furius and he never messed up so i think this movie is gonna be the movie of his yet
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an awesome movie

By xxkarmaxx
Written September 07, 2008
This is probaly vin diesil's best movie. I thought it was awesome.
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