Terrific movie!

By edwardcullen521
Written August 29, 2008
I read the book last year and I found the movie and watched it with my mom. If you read the book and see the movie then you will be confused. I still loved it but it was way different from the book. It wasn't quite what I expected. The actors were perfect for their parts. I would recommend it for ages 12 because it's more of a mature movie. My 9 year old cousin watched it and she was depressed afterwards. There will be tears if you watch this movie.
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By gingerohio1ginger
Written January 09, 2014
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A terrific movie!!!

By nerds37
Written June 16, 2008
This movie is one of the best I've ever seen! The actors are great and the guy is so cute. It is one of those movies that you never really forget about. It has superising events and I'd recomend it to anyone!
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By Kat20201
Written February 21, 2013
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By enyi_66
Written July 04, 2012
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