By Darkola
Written June 25, 2016
This movie is a true story based on the 1979 hostage situation in Iran, where 6 hostiges managed to escape the embassy itself. The story itself deals with the 6 as they stay hidden in Iran, and the plan to go into Iran to try and rescue them 6 people. The story itself was an incredible story, well written and well produced. The acting was top notch throughout, this is a movie that I can easily see as being nominated for an acadamy award. Ben Affleck continues to amaze me with his acting skills, as he gets better with each movie I see him in, and he is flexible to play many parts, and also he is in my opinion one of the best directors out there. Remember when seeing this, that its based on actual events, there are parts alot of parts where things transpire at the very last second, if that is true or not, or what happened to certain people .. not sure they can really say, but all in all, I'd very highly recommend this movie and I would definitily give it 4 of 4 stars myself, enjoy :)
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Back Where Affleck Belongs

By FlimFlamFilmFan
Written May 28, 2016
We just saw ARGO in a large theatre with a mature audience old enough to vividly recall America’s angst during the 444 day Iranian hostage crisis. The audience applauded at the end. This movie is formulaic and predictable–in all the good Hollywood ways. We know these characters and this story and how it’s all going to end–yet it’s so deftly done, we cannot take our eyes off the screen. Well done, Mr. Affleck, well done indeed. It’s good to see you again behind the camera, up on the screen, and back on top of the movie game–right where you belong.
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By jan_s25
Written September 28, 2016
Many of us remember the sketchy snippets provided by our television news journalists - as we waited and watched, for tales of the six, but more for word of the remaining hostages. This, as I recall, was the first major international incident, in which Canada was admittedly a major player! Perhaps the fact that Mr. Ken Taylor is a fellow Albertan, with an already firmly established household name in the province, made the situation more firmly etched in our minds and hearts. "Argo," provides insight and depth into the terror but also the humanity of all ethnicities, through the recently released twist in plot. The political espionage is likely to be lost on the under 12 group. The cast, producers, directors and crew did an inspiring job of bringing the whole of it to us with unexpected turns, including bursts of comedy. Ben Affleck's performance was unparalleled, carrying an indelible role that may come to be one of the finest of classics! Stay for the credits!
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By jeanne4715
Written June 29, 2016
Fantastic movie. Ben Affleck was fantastic. I knew how this true store ended but was sitting on the edge of my seat for the last half hour. All the actors were superb. Must See.
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"Argo ____ yourself!!"

By ajdes05
Written September 30, 2016
Very timely subject matter, handled with good balance of suspense and humor, never risks being to hokey or jingoistic... Ben Affleck is 3 for 3 as a director!!
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