must-see for aqua teen enthusiasts

By hopkend
Written May 14, 2007
if you're not an aqua teen enthusiast, you probably won't like or understand this movie. it's pretty out there and you (as objectively as possible) wouldn't get most of the jokes. if you're in to aqua teen hunger force and have seen most of the episodes, it still operates on the fringe of insanity. i believe the true aqua teen fan appreciates more the inane bickering than the plot. this movie has an adequate dose of the former. really, in my opinion the best part of the movie is the beginning. one isn't sure if it's the actual movie at all at first. in summation, if you're a well-versed aqua teen fan, then definitely see it. if not, your money could probably be better spent elsewhere.
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By lina_rios
Written July 29, 2007
it wasnt all..waste of my time and money..i left the theater after 45 minutes..i waited and waited to see if it got funnier..but it never did....
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Better than the show

By bigrod1980
Written July 23, 2007
By far one of the funniest movies I've seen. The opening bit with the popcorn soda and hotdog was so funny. To bad it didn't stay longer in theaters, I wanted to see it again.
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loved it

By Phenom_33
Written May 08, 2007
if you loved the show you will love this one. the intro is well worth the admission.
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#1 in the hood, G

By 8 Ball
Written April 29, 2007
It's ATHF but for an hour and a half instead of 15 minutes...good or bad thing depending on your love of the show and Adult Swim in general. I liked it, it wasn't a blockbuster (duh) but it made us all laugh the whole way through. The begining and ending with the dancing treats was so funny the entire theater was rolling. Neal Peart and the drum kit...hilarious! It made no sense and that's the way I like my adult cartoons. Months ago they promoted the movie in strange ways and people thought it was just hype for the show and no movie was actually being made. I love the way they do things. Gets people thinking. (see the show promos that got them on the news for bomb Hats off to Williams Street and Dave and Matt for bringing what everyone thought was a joke to the big screen.
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