Apollo 18 Synopsis
Lost footage from a mission to the moon reveals evidence of extraterrestrial life.
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Makes me NOT want to go back to the movies

By rockydoggies
Stay away from this stinker. Sure, the footage looks really nice, but the movie just bombs. Ugh, I toughed it out until the end, just horribly LAME !!! This easily could have been a 30 minute short....

Apollo 18 review

By griffinboy006
terrible movie. the previews dont do any justice to what youre in store for. sad thing is dont be afraid of the dark was better...

must see

By 69nova
It is soooo intense!!!...


By Koali
This is a movie in the exact style of The Blair Witch Project if you remember that. Scary. I am a space junkie and lived in that era I purposely still had to remind myself this is a scripted, thought...

They're going to need a big comb for those crabs! LOL

By davi156513
The movie was awesome! Im a space nut so i couldn't resist going to see this one. Also went with a group a friends and the movie kinda took us back to when we went to see the "Blair Witch...

By lclark73

this is not why we never whent back to the moon

By imax3d dude
this movie was ok. i rented it on blu ray. but it did not have much of a story. it was a bunch of moon rocks walking around.and then one guy flips out. and we all know the real reason why we never...

Well, we now know where the pet rock came from!

By cloudy9
Makes you wish they had made a real alien movie. This movie is like watching a home video like Blair Witch but not as realistic and exciting. I think it would be a great rental but it is definately...

Apollo 18 review

By aw_someness
it was pretty good...

Just okay!

By sxwilliams
This movie was kinda boring! Not enough alien spider action for me, just kinda BLAH.......

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Rated PG-13 | For Some disturbing sequences and language
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Common Sense Media says Fake moon-landing chiller is no Blair Witch in space.
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