Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues (2013) Synopsis
The on-going adventures of San Diego's top-rated, legendary newsman.
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Comedic Insanity

By ahmccaffrey
Feels like a two-hour Will Ferrel SNL skit. Completely over the top, ridiculous, and totally understanding of the fact that they cannot repeat the gloriousness of the first one. So they just went...

Give me a Break!

By Tyfonmannen
This is a horrible and stupid film. there is no story line, no plot and no theme. The acting is poor and mediocre at best and You've seen everything before in a C rated college movie from the...

Aimless Mess that Misses the Mark

By mongojoe
What a disappointment. Two hours of unfunny, too-random, strained attempts at humor. This is Will Ferrel's worst film, by far. It's as though they drafted a plot outline on a cocktail napkin, and...

Didn't have high hopes...

By jnespeca
After seeing overplayed comedy sequels tank (ahem, Austin Powers franchise), I went in expecting a dud, with overplayed versions of the same jokes from the first movie. This one exceeded expectations!...

Not what I expected

By nmiller495
I expected a hilarious Will Ferrell movie that measures up to the first. This was not at all what I expected. It had its funny parts but it seemed like they were trying too hard and the jokes just...

Not worth it

By dacey27
Though there are some laughs, i truly lost brain cells. I would not spend money to see at a theater. if you HAVE to see it, wait for dvd...

Still Classy

By LBlount
Ron Burgundy and the gang are back to save America from bland news and mediocre hairstyles. While there's an occasional scene that last a few minutes too long, the movie delivers exactly what we...

Waste of time and money !!!

By jeffmiamiwade
Do not waste your money on this movie !! Pathetic !! You would have to be "high" in order to enjoy this one !! I NEVER write reviews but you will thank me when your on your death bed wanting this ...

Anchorman 2

By thekochs10
Will Farrell does not disapoint again. Movie ruined as soon as it got to the ice skating. If you hadn't gone there I might have been able to say so-so but you were the same as always, a...

It has its moments.

By Way2Poppy
Okay, if you're looking for the movie to meet or exceed the first one, wait to rent. If you enjoyed the first one and want to see something as silly, by all means go. Just don't set your expectations...

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Rated PG-13 | For Crude and sexual content, drug use, language and comic violence
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Common Sense Media says Burgundy returns in irreverent sequel with innuendo galore.
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