AMELIA - grounded and flightless. Grade: C. (Based on advance VIP press preview)

Written October 23, 2009
Directed by Mira Nair(Monsoon Wedding, Vanity Fair, The Namesake) and screen-written by Ronald Bass (based on two biographies - East to the Dawn by Susan Butler and The Sound of Wings by Mary S. Lovell.), AMELIA is a 1hr 51min biopic that chronicled the iconic and legendary aviatrix Amelia Earhart's rise to prominence amidst her relationship with her husband, George Putnam, and on her brief affair with her lover, Gene Vidal. I enjoyed AMELIA's: 1) Attention to detail - gorgeous sets/period furnishings/decor, authentic-looking costumes, vintage vehicles/airplanes. 2) Sweeping cinematography that showcased gorgeous vistas of the sky/clouds and beautiful panoramic views of landscapes. But THE question I kept asking myself was - where were the motivational factors and driving forces that propelled Amelia Earhart to her outstanding accomplishments? (What fueled her obsession?) I was underwhelmed by all the flash - I wanted SUBSTANCE which the movie failed to deliver.
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Amelia never gets off the ground

By jimjoel49
Written October 30, 2009
I always thought Amelia was an inspiration to the American spirit till I watch this movie. The movie show us an Amelia who is self centered, reckless, gold digger, and a real sl*t. I read a review that said this was a love story but according to the movie Amelia was in love with herself that used men to get what she wanted. I do not know if this movie was factual but it put Amelia and her career in a very bad light. The cinematography was good and the period scenes & costumes where great. Hilary Swank gave a good performance and using real news footage was nice but not enough to give this movie a better rating. The movie portrays Amelia career as all smoke and mirrors. The movie characters lacked emotion. You do not care about the characters because they are all shallow and self serving. Gere performance was not believable. The special effects where not special. The planes for some reason did not look real in flight. This movie was a disappointment.
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By nancysummers1
Written October 30, 2009
As always, Hillary Swank did a superb job!!!!! Richard Gere did an outstanding job on portraying her husband. The story line was interesting. I applaud the director for making a film that wasn't filled with bad language, nudity, and gore. I so want the return of glamour and class. Is it possible?
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By lmseals
Written November 05, 2009
It was nice that some depth and layering was given to Amelia. Sets and costumes were great as were the CG's. But I was expecting a little more. My husband and I who are both pilots, (he professional, me private) found it to be a bit boring. We watched "The Making of 'Amelia'" on HBO and found that to be far more interesting! I am glad the movie was made to honor this incredible woman. It was nice to see that Gore Vidal actually had a iving, breathing human parent too!
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Hillary is brilliant

By dibs2cents
Written November 06, 2009
I read the reviews just before I left for the movie and heard a few say that the actors selected were wrong for the part. Now that I have seen the movie, I couldn't disagree more. Hillary and Richard were perfect for the part and acted as I imagined the real Amelia and husband were. Now the movie was fairly true to course, so the story line will be predictable. Still, I thought this movie was worth seeing and absorbing, by some brilliant acting, especially on Hillary's part.
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