The good - fantastic production, singing, acting, filming. How did they do it? - it seemed like the cameras must have been all over the stage. Very slick real-time filming. Renee Fleming did an excellent job introducing the show and whooping us up.

But - the show started late for reasons unknown, so we ended up watching Fathom commercials for over half an hour.

Then the intermissions were interminable - seemed to last for about 40 minutes each. The shots of the stage crew moving stuff around were pretty interesting, but it is a long haul and would have suited me better if they had edited out the bulk of the intermissions. (Not so 'live', I know.)

Sound quality was excellent and the picture was clear and bright, although there were occasional brief glitches with horizontal white flashes.

I'm sorry there was such a small crowd and I'd like to believe that the distributors could do something to get the word out. As for me, I'll be back.