Inception with romance

By CaroleHumes
Written March 04, 2011
Gotta love Matt Damon, especially for these kinds of movies. Was a lot different and better than I expected. If you havent seen you can watch at [BLOCKED WEBSITE] .cóm
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This movie has everything

By Angelina330
Written February 07, 2011
I went to a free screening of this movie with no expectations. The trailers didn't interest me much because the plot seemed a little stale. But I was very wrong. This movie was very well done. The drama and suspense alone make the movie worth while, but there is also a very funny comedic element to it. There was a lot of laughter in the audience as well as gasps of surprise. For some, tears flowed, and one girl even started to sob at the most touching moment in the movie. The acting was great, the director implimented his vision flawlessly and the music fit the setting. I reccomend the movie to anyone over the age of 15, it is worth the cost of admission and more!
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Heart renching

By lovethemusic
Written February 12, 2012
This movie has been out for awhile but its one of those films that certaintly doesnt get enough rave for its quality. First off it is a story about a man having his whole life planned out for him. Except for one day where a girl that he meets will change his and her future for the worse. He is warned that he cant see this girl or else her dreams will be crushed. He soon then rides on the same bus every day were they met hoping to find and meet her again. After years of hope he finally sees her and is warned again. Leaving her with the regret of her ambitions being ruined they decide to break rules to be with eachother and not regret the rocky past and confusing future. Over all it was great!!! The acting showed a reall compassion between each moment. This would be geared towards a older group because it is a little confusing as i was trying my best to describe. It also is verbally mature mentioning swears and some sexuall scenes. It is not an easy plot line to describe
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Should have listened to Eric Ledgin

By belarus98
Written March 14, 2011
I should have listened to Eric Ledgin, figured that maybe he just did not get it... Well he did! I will never doubt him or his tweets ever again! Save your money!
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Five Word Review

By xoandre
Written March 22, 2011
LooksLike Matrix Meets Dark City
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