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Go see it with no expectations and you will have a great time!

By The Happy Anarchist
Written April 30, 2017
One of the critics said the actors were too deadpan. Umm they're supposed to be Samurai. Hello? Anyway.... The costumes are colorful, completely over the top, and bizarre; the backdrops looks like they took Japan and added dozens of pagodas and craggy mountains everywhere; all the kimono are totally non-japanese and Hollywood embellished the original legend by adding magic, mysticism, and noseless tengu swordmakers (what the hell were they thinking?). I get why the Japanese, being traditionalists, would rush to the defense of one of their most treasured and nationalist stories by not seeing this film (why would you premiere this there?) But this is a western action film, and to find success as such, you have to play to asian stereotypes, mix lots of Chinese folklore in where it doesn't belong, make your villain a total parody, go overboard with special FX, etc. Think of this as a western take on a drunken retelling of the Kabuki version of the story, not Kurosawa epic.
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The so called Professional Movie Critics didn't see the same movie I saw

By tl29szzz920
Written February 25, 2017
I almost didn't see this movie. Why, because of the critics reviews. One thing is clear, they didn't see the same movie I did. But more likely they didn't watch the movie, or they didn't get enough of a bribe which meant they voted it down. But for me this just reinforces my opinion of the so called professional critics - they have absolutely no credibility. Instead you have to listen to the votes of the people who go to see the movie. Everything the Professional Critics said about the movie was incorrect. I'm going into this thinking the movie will be slow, boring, bad acting, bad story based upon what the critics said. I kept waiting for the movie to fall apart, but it didn't it just kept getting better. Next time some professional critic tells you not to see a movie ignore it. Every time they tell you, you should see a movie ignore it. Wait until you get reviews of people who actually do see it, spending their money on it, and who receive no financial compensation.
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Not a bad film.

By Squirrel Dude
Written August 27, 2016
For me, I thought the movie tried to have its heart in the right place. The costumes and cinematography was great. Still, I don't know why it tried to blend the mythology of human female able to transform herself into a dragon and real history? I guess that's trying to appeal to a Western audience? The 'action,' if you will, is not bad. I assume many average viewers will probably like it?
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47 Ronin regain their Honor

By dark_and_mysterious
Written July 28, 2016
Scenery and action were great, although the lack of blood was a bit annoying. If you cut someones head off, you expect a little blood. Maybe they were trying to keep the rating to PG. This is not a mainstream action flick, this is based upon true mythology. It is also about Bushido, and Honor.
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By elltsee
Written May 29, 2017
I always enjoy Keanu Reeves' performances. As far as this movie, I enjoyed it too. This was a different movie experience for me in the setting where I viewed it (Dine in). Japanese movie themes of this sort are usually full of beautiful costumes and scenic panoramic views. The story is a very interesting one and like most movies that have a lot of characters to introduce to the main body of the movie, it take a while to get the movie going. Once that happens ,it is exciting and the performances and the characters deliver a good movie. Again, I enjoyed this movie.
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