Thank you for showitn this Classic Film!

By Promptjock
Written August 26, 2017
I was 8 years old when the movie was first released to the theaters and I never saw it in the theaters. Even though I've read the book and have the (Letterbox) Laserdisc and DVD releases, I always wanted to see it on "the big screen" (i.e., in a theater). Even though this movie is 45 years old, its' content still has relevance for today's audiences regarding "the human condition" and what it is "to be 'human'". If you haven't read the book, READ IT. Summary The presentation was VERY CLEAN (i.e., no scratches, etc.) and the sound mix was wonderful. Seeing it on "the big screen" (true, it wasn't a "Cinerama-sized" presentation) increased my visual enjoyment of a film I've "loved" for over 30 years+. I'm pleased that Cinemark/Fandango is re-running real classic movies so we "older folks" can re-enjoy them AND to introduce them to the "younger generations"...
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By jshanesmith
Written March 01, 2017
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2001 rocks!

By kcwunchained
Written February 08, 2017
This stellar masterpiece is awesome on the XD screen and it is a remarkable film still to this day!
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Still breathtaking...

By austexk72
Written February 08, 2017
More than 40 years after it was first released, back in the days before green-screen and CGI FX, Kubrick's 2001 (co-written by famed science fiction author and one of my dear friends, Sir Arthur C. Clarke) is still an awesome movie experience -- when seen in full roadshow presentation (70mm, stereophonic sound, pre-show overture, intermission and second-act overture -- about 3 hours total) like the Egyptian Theatre did last night. When I first saw it, I was disappointed (NYC, in CINERAMA) because I thought it would be an action-packed sci-fi adventure. It's slow, meticulous, totally realistic and visually stunning -- but it's NOT STAR WARS. I've seen this movie many times over the years, and each time I come to appreciate the trailblazing vision of how the human race has evolved from apes to space explorers with puzzling experiences awaiting us in the Final Frontier. Clarke put the "serious" in this movie, and Kubrick gave it visual dazzle and grandeur.
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Five Word Review

By redyeah
Written February 08, 2017
Genius nasa robot takes control.
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