Zombie Kill of the Week

By Daydream
Written October 04, 2009
Expectations were low coming into Zombieland... maybe they should have been lower. Jesse Eisenberg is the awkwardly shy and clumsy student yet again, reminding you of the two hours you threw away watching Adventureland in April. Zombieland had some great ideas put into the script, especially the cameo by Bill Murray, the zombie kill of the week, and a list of rules in order to survive the blood-drooling zombies (no doubt branching from Wedding Crashers or the Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks). But behind all the clever ideas, this movie lacked chemistry and my attention. I was not impressed, but maybe you will be. I recommend Shaun of the Dead. (C-)
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By tohellweride19
Written October 02, 2009
This movie is the best one all year I must say. It was just hilarious and thrilling throughout the whole movie. Anyone who has a sense of humor must see this exciting wonderful movie!
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By spminer
Written October 17, 2009
This movie starts out great, thought I was in for another Shawn of the Dead. Then the lame character building snoozeville starts and lasts for at least 40 minutes. Then the end comes and it gets pretty funny again. When I go to a zombie movie I don't wan't to watch people destroying a store I want to see them blowing the crap out of Zombies. It's not all bad and Woodie is good. I just don't care for the wimpy geek trying to hit on the hot chick for 30 minutes. He could have been eaten after 20 minutes and left woodie by himself. Wait for DVD on this one or at least a matinee........
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By Greysha
Written October 03, 2009
OMG! This was completely awesome. Its like it just made everyone want to be a Zombie for the day. I went for the midnight premire and I could not believe all the zombies I ran into. Of course I too was a zombie. The movie really was great. It made you laugh and cry and yell and scream and jump up and down like a toddler in a toy store....a toy store full of zombie destruction weapons! Best movie ever. Seriously. Go see it. You know you want to! It just really makes you want to be a zombie even more for Halloween and scare the pants off little kids. It'll be epic. Don't forget to follow the rules and stock up on Twinkies....you'll need it my friend. I rate this movie a 100! Because its just that epicly BAD ***.
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By Tufrmone
Written October 09, 2009
This may be the best Zombie Movie to date. The protagonist all with human weaknesses and foibles fight back. The performances are excellent. The movie is funny and there is a subtle sub-plot about the motivation of why and what had made the the Woody Harrelson who he now is, as opposed to who he was. It doesn't become a downer - and likely with the money it makes there will be a very very justifiable sequel that will probably makes sense and deserves to be made. Its better than Shawn of the Dead.
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