Worst piece of crap movie I've seen in years.

By MovieGuru88
Written October 15, 2009
This movie was obviously made for immature little teenagers that find poop and boogers funny. The Michael Cera rip-off actor/kid in this movie I wanted to strangle a thousand times over and Woody is a has-been. The plot was empty and worthless. The effects were over-used and the only people I heard laughing in the theater were high-school kids and rednecks. DUMB!!! You want a real zombie comedy? Watch Shaun of the Dead, otherwise stick with Romero.
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Torn Parent

By churchar
Written October 18, 2009
I went to see it with my 15 year old son. Talk about awkward. I usually don't let him watch R rated movies, but I was told this one wasn't bad. The blood and guts didn't bother me its the F bomb that left me uneasy. I know that kids hear this language every day at school, but I don't' have to be a part of it let alone pay for it. I read another review that talked about going to see it with their 11 year old, I couldn't imagine, and people wonder what is wrong with kids these days. With all that being said, the movie was actually pretty funny. I've always liked Woody and find him hilarious. This movie could have been just as entertaining without the F Bomb every other word.
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Sure its not oscar worthy but it looks like fun.

By the_flick_reviewing_king
Written August 03, 2009
Woody Harrelson has been in the movie industry for years I think hes a recommendable actor and think that this role that he plays in this film will be fun and kick a**. Theres been Dawn of the Dead, Resident Evil and so on well now theres zombieland its not quite the thrillseeking film but the fun shoot up kind. Look at shootem up that movie was so far fetched but yet that movie was fun and a h*ll of a ride. I think that if your looking for a film that is a good time go to this one. Not for kids of course but the parents can enjoy it. It should be a rollercoaster of fun ups and downs and includes the veteran actor mixing with younger actors and actresses of this age. It should be pretty cool not oscar worthy but a good ride. Enjoy.
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By MovieGod1
Written February 22, 2011
This is my favorite movie! Very awesome and funny.
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Zombies Again?

Written December 13, 2010
I have a feeling that people are actually going to enjoy this movie. If the movies Dawn of the Dead and Shaun of the Dead had a baby and chose a Michael Cera wanna-be to be the main character, they would name their undead child "Zombieland". Destined to be a cult classic, "Zombieland" has everything a fan of zombie movies would ever want, comedy and gore. Director Ruben Fleischer took a risk at making another zombie movie when the genre is already so saturated with mediocre films, but for some weird reason "Zombieland" was able to stand out amongst the crowd. Maybe it was the casting of Woody Harrelson? Read full review at FlicksWorthWatching.com
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