Best comedy of the year!

By redyeah
Written October 04, 2009
All the other comedies this year can go jump in a lake. This is the funniest movie I've seen in a looooong time. The whole theatre was bustin up the entire length of the film. This may go down as my favorite movie of the year, in any genre and heres why: 1) Woody's back! And this time he nut up fore' he shut up 2) Zombie movies are instant classics 9/10 times 3) Incredible script 4) Witty as hell 5) BILL F****N MURRAY 6) Twinkies 7) Unique 8) Campy 9) Jesse Eisenberg is way better than Michael Cera at nerdy leading role
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By Bluewaves1988
Written October 10, 2009
GREAT movie! I will own this one! It was funny and not corny. I've been telling everyone to go watch this one!
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I wasn't expecting much, and that is exactly what I got.

By movie-fan_ colts
Written May 22, 2010
I didn't expect this movie to be the blockbuster, I just wanted a few laughs. That is all the movie is good for. The language is rough at times, their is way too much gore, and the entire movie is just dumb. You don't gain any relationship with characters.You don't even learn the character's real name. They could have all died at the end and it would not of bothered me. Movie would have been just as good without blood and guts pouring out of every zombie's mouth. A lot of the language was not needed. But despite all of this bad characteristics it is a movie still worth seeing for a few laughs. Don't build of any hype for it however, and don't show children.
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this movie is one of my all time favorite because of all the

By Zebralover911
Written February 13, 2012
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By rasberryrox14
Written February 26, 2017
One of the best scary-comedy movies I've ever seen and it's pure genious!
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