best zombie flick in years

By gim73
Written October 17, 2009
Most people would consider it sacrilage to say that this movie is better than shaun of the dead, but I will say exactly that. It's better. Fast zombies this time around. The characters are all fun. You get the feeling that they were based off people who adhered to 'the zombie survival guide'. This is a fun comedy with zombies. If they make a sequel, I would definately pay full price to see that in theatres.
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This is Great Entertainment!

By RBruno71
Written October 06, 2009
Ok, so zombie movies have never really had alot of substance. However, sometimes it's fun to just be entertained, substance or not. This movie is just plain fun! Now, I may be a bit biased. I wanted to like this movie since I'm a HUGE zombie movie fan...because I hate zombies! A zombie killed my pet gerbil so it's a very personal thing for me. Anyways, back to the review, the movie had me laughing start to finish. A great cameo by a big Hollywood star (no spoilers) really tops it off. Great action and some gory zombie killing goodness. The only thing I didn't appreciate was the ending. Left things a bit too wide open but, on the bright side, that could be on purpose to leave room for a sequel (fingers crossed). All zombie fans (like me) will love it and I think most normal people (who are NOT zombie fans) will also enjoy the hell outta this movie. When you go, think "Entertain Me" and you won't be disappointed.
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Decieving Reviews

By bburgman
Written October 11, 2009
Based on the survey written here, I was excited and went to watch the movie yesterday. Guys, mind you!!! This is HORRIBLE!!! There is no story lineup and the conversations(although very less) drives you crazy forcing you slam the theater exit doors and rush out of the movie hall. Be careful guys. If you wish to watch the movie still, carry a tray of eggs along with you to slung on the screen... One can hardly see bright scenes in the movie. The movie is all DULL with some rustic music and poor picture quality. Please carry a strip of Aspirin pills before going to the movie. Recommended dosage.
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Good Zombie Flick

By emilk
Written October 10, 2009
I have to admit, seeing some of these reviews makes me laugh. First off, a zombie movie will never make it to the academy awards so it should never be judged as if it would. The people that go to these movies just want to be entertained - and Zombieland was entertaining. The comedy was simple but made me laugh, these aren't your "night of the living dead" zombies, these zombies are pretty quick. I left the theatre with a good feeling and I think the movie tried to send a deeper message.
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By Marshquitos
Written October 02, 2009
I just saw the movie and thought it was great, very great. The movie is hilarious and had good action sequences, Its not the funniest movie or the most action packed but it had a perfect balance of both. If you like zombie movies or just good comedy YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS MOVIE. Some parts are just laugh out loud funny and the gore effects are just plain cool. Some might say that it is predictable but the parts that you know are coming are things that you want to happen.
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