ZOMBIELAND - DEAD-ON - a HELL of a FUN ride! Grade: A (Based on advance VIP press preview)

Written September 30, 2009
Thursday Sept. 17, 2009. This 1hr 22min PG-13 horror-comedy stars Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, and Abigail Breslin - directed by Ruben Fleischer - and filmed in Georgia, USA!!! A recurring Twinkie joke provided continuity to this ZANY HILARIOUS tightly scripted movie. Throw in the Bill Murray cameo(as himself!) and you have a seriously side-splitting experience. Rule #69 - you MUST laugh - and LOUD!!! Rule #2, 3, 4, etc. - you'll find out soon enough when you watch the movie. Seriously, ZOMBIELAND is a rib-tickling ENJOYABLE ENTERTAINING comedy/horror-comedy. The principal cast has such wonderful chemistry that not even zombies could tear them apart. Woody is off-the-kilter FUNNY! Make-up, costumes, set-design, directing, editing, and cinematography are above-average. Stay until after the entire credits for a BONUS SCENE. VERDICT: Rule #420 - Zombie killing is FUN and crucial for continued survival. Don't Be A Hero! Rule #35 - SEE THIS MOVIE!
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By TheDarkPhoenix
Written September 20, 2009
I went to an advance preview 9-17-09 to see Zombieland. At first I was pretty scared that it wasn't going to be funny at all and it would just be lame. Not to mention on a lot of message boards people were already comparing it with Shaun of the Dead, and saying it couldn't even be half as good. Well personally I thought it was completely different than Shaun of the Dead, though it is a comedy/horror zombie movie it really has very little in common. Zombieland was funny, full of action, and gory. I thoroughly enjoyed it and plan to see it again. The acting was fantastic, Woody Harrelson was just perfect as Tallahassee, I bet he will garner a lot of buzz off this one. In fact I think all the actors will. And best of all, it as one of the single best celebrity cameos in a movie EVER! I really loved it. I think anyone who doesn't mind gore and zombies will love having a laugh watching this movie. It's one that just gets better the more times you watch it.
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Zombieland may replace Shaun of the Dead as the best zombie spoof.

By movies-4-me
Written September 19, 2009
This movie is hilarious and bound to bring Woody Harrelson a lot of attention for his role as Tallahassee. Jesse Eisenberg is also fantastic as the nebby, geeky kid who is just trying to survive the apocalypse where (nearly) everyone is a zombie, and he's our guide through Zombieland. Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin also have some fun moments, but this movie is stolen in a couple of scenes, once the main characters get to Los Angeles. The movie begins with us learning "Columbus'" rules for survival. We get fun, slo-mo enactments on why these rules are in place (and really brought back the fun, stylized opening credits for Watchmen), and then throughout the movie we are treated to continuous callbacks. The movie is gory, and has some good jump scares, but doesn't really revel in it, so it winds up seeming a little tamer than it actually is. It's a great, great movie. A brilliant send up of zombie/post-apocalyptic films, and definitely needs to be seen. (if you like this stuff)
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Five Word Review

By ocean11
Written October 01, 2009
hilarious action LOL LMAO original
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Great Movie to go with group of friendz :)

By juize
Written October 02, 2009
Went to the midnight show Thursday night, very funny was worth every penny and every minute of my missed sleep hours, lol . And any parent out there thinking of taking ur kids, this movie has nothing sexual only few bad mouthing worths here and there so, I would have to say It, would of been okay taking my 10 yr old daughter but I seen it wiht a group of friendz :) Go check it out this weekend!!!!
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