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By mahmamasaid
Written January 27, 2013
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One of the worst movies EVER!!!

By bmw328power
Written November 08, 2014
The only reason I took the time to register was to detour people away from this movie. Not to mention the rediculous length of this pile of s@#! you have to read 4 movie screens of paragraphs at the end....WTF. I was really excited about the movie but felt like i just took it in the rear for actually paying for a ticket...STAY AWAY
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By Spartan 369
Written March 27, 2007
Very good movie, but it was a bit too long. Needed a bit more Fincheresque twists and turns.
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Zodiac - Well Done

By Stacie Hougland
Written December 20, 2007
One of David Fincher's finest, this fascinating examination of the hunt for the Zodiac Killer who terrorized the Bay Area for two decades and was never caught holds you captive from start to finish. Keeping violence to a minimum but frightening nonetheless, the movie features terrific performances by Jake Gyllenhaal and most notably Robert Downey Jr. as a boozy but talented newspaper reporter on the case. Fincher captures the look and feel of the 1970s in pitch-perfect detail (imagine how difficult it would be to conduct such an investigation with the limited technology available at the time?). While a bit overlong, overall a great thinking-man's thriller.
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Zodiac Director's Cut

By NoelEise
Written December 13, 2008
Fincher scores yet again. Not my favorite but this is an engaging, if long, look at the real life story of one of the greatest unsolved criminal cases of the latter part of the 20th century. Mark Ruffalo is great, as are many of the supporting cast members. definitely worth the time...
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