Z For Zachariah Synopsis
Based on the Robert C. O'Brien novel. The story, a psychological thriller, follows a girl who believes she is the only survivor after a devastating nuclear event, but comes to learn she is not alone.
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Unique yet still post-apocalyptic

By TheDudesReview
The story relies heavy on the atmosphere. No complaints with the performances. It's all A+ caliber here. Only gripe it leads into a love story trope which falls on deaf ears since it's be done...

Almost a five star...

By Makalinsky
I really enjoyed the acting, setting and the relationship that develops between the three characters. At times it was like watching a play.. simple sets, three great actors and no over the top...

Thinly Disguised Christian Propaganda

By GGorilla
There are consistently good moments of fine acting, especially by Ejiofor and Robbie, but they are unable to rise above a deadening script. Every molecule of this movie is cliche, including sets,...

The Disasterless Post-Apocalyptic Drama

By stoddb33
I really really enjoyed this movie. The tension that's built throughout by just the slightest glance or tone of voice from the actors is just fantastic. Beyond that the film is just beautiful to look...

Must see

By kat924
Amazing performances by Pine & Robbie....

Slow and borning

By vardonrachel
This story line has tons of potential, but falls completely flat. No character development....


By tadmartinez45
Ok movie through out...


By JaystarAndBoo
what a waste of time. I want two hours of my life back! This movie made no sense, immoral in every way, slow, nothing is explained and the ending was horrific. I'd give this movie negative 5 stars if...

Worst Movie EVER!!!

By agordon222
Nothing happened in this movie at all! Kept waiting for something but just kept getting more boring. Don't waste your money and certainly don't waste 2 hours of your time - you will never get them...

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Rated PG-13 | For A Scene of Sexuality, Partial Nudity, and Brief Strong Language
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Common Sense Media says Postapocalyptic sci-fi drama focuses on flawed characters.
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