• Released
  • January 11, 2013
  • (Opened Limited 12/19 NY/LA)
  • R , 2 hr 37 min
  • Action/Adventure

Go See It

By LoyalExpert
Written January 14, 2013
I thought the movie was great and all. But it felt longer than it was. Of course there was also some points that just didn't add up to what had really went on and what was really used, but oh well it is just a movie.
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Zero Dark Thirty

By jc75644
Written January 13, 2013
This film is not for everyone. Those believing that the CIA and other such agencies of our government adhere to the restrictions from the statements that "we don't participate in enhanced interrogation tactics" might be offended by the scenes of such torture in the first 1/2 hour of the film. If you enjoy the Showtime series "Homeland" you should enjoy this film. The last 1/2 hour is the most exciting and some have complained about it being the only "worthwhile-watching" portion of the movie but I found all the actions leading up to the raid and capture very exciting. While I understand the reason for the feeling that we "must get bin Laden", I'm still not sure I understand or agree with the reason we are active in that culture and I have lots of admiration for those who serve there.
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great movie

By muni2678
Written January 13, 2013
This is a good movie its not a action movie ,but a thriller,action movie similiar to seal team six free on netflix and comcast .This movie has brutal interrigation tactics.This is the reality of war on terrorism and ,what are the limitations of justice.What we were willing to do to capture binladen.See this movie and enjoy it .
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Bit of a Letdown

By shurtugaleldunari
Written January 14, 2013
I was a bit disappointed with this movie. I often found it lulled in certain places, the end was anticlimactic, a lot of the intelligence terminology was hard to understand, the cinematography was poorly done, and Jessica Chastain's performance was less than noteworthy. A few of the torture scenes were interesting despite being horrific, and the bombings in the beginning were well placed and effective. This wasn't a bad movie, but I don't understand why it's being nominated for any Oscars.
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zero dark thirty

By 1998GST
Written January 20, 2013
Didn't like the film after watching it. The movie is long and boring, pretty much we all know how the story would end on Bin Ladens fate, its always told in the news just about everyday so why make a film about it? Its pretty much for adult viewing, R rated not for children to see due to the language and violence.
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