• Released
  • January 11, 2013
  • (Opened Limited 12/19 NY/LA)
  • R , 2 hr 37 min
  • Action/Adventure

zero dark thirty

By maclancy
Written October 09, 2015
I think they spent too much time on the torture. The rest of the movie was tense and suspensful and well done. why they passed this over for an academy award is anyone's guess. Superb acting! 4 stars out of 5!
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By Peneflix
Written October 31, 2014
Kathryn Bigelow has scored again (“The Hurt Locker”) with this meticulous, intricate scenario of the decade long hunt and slaying of the world’s most sought after terrorist, Osama Bin Laden; she is religious in depicting the reality of the quest and CIA operative “Maya’s” intransigent dedication to finding this heinous villain. Jessica Chastain gives a quietly explosive performance as a woman whose vision and mission will not be swayed or felled by mere government officials; Maya’s entire career has been informed by the crusade to capture/death of the madman who visited upon the Unites States its worst massacre and the demise of a freedom so pure, so entrenched in democracy, never to be tasted again... FIVE STARS!!!!! ***For full review please visit peneflix (dot) com!!!
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Good movie, not great!

By gpfboyjs
Written March 01, 2015
Overall a very entertaining movie, there were no slow parts to the movie and it was engaging. Obviously made for the screen, with all the Hollywood effects. It would be good to know what was real in the movie and what was Hollywood. This is my reasoning for not giving it a full 5, I would say it's 4 to 4.5. It was worth the money.
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Good Overall Movie, Could Have Been Better

By SteveP21
Written April 19, 2015
Overall, it was a good movie. It was mainly all about the intelligence gathering though and the part when it came to actually killing Usama Bin Laden only lasted about 5 mins. I wish they would have been a little bit more in depth when it came to the different searches and places that they looked for him. It's one of those movies that's only probably going to be made once, so it's def. worth going to see.
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Zero Dark Thirty

By LadyNikoK
Written October 07, 2015
If you're hoping for two hours of SEAL Team 6 raids- don't bother. If, however, you are a student of history and the hunt for one who shares a level of Hell with Stalin or Pol Pot, then go see this. It is thoughtful, occasionally disturbing (ever asking the question- who is worse, morally- those who harm when they've been wronged, or those who harm in the first place?) and for the most part, an historically accurate look at the period between September, 2001 and the raid on bin Laden that lead to his death.. It's long, intense, brilliantly acted, and it forces the viewer to seek humanity in everyone- from the DCI to the lowly, C4-rigged al-Qaeada foot soldier. The "good guys" need to get "better" in many ways-on the Government side- and the "bad guys" need to find a way out of the abyss in which they are raised - a culture of planned obsolescence. If you want war action, play Call of Duty. If you want to think and learn and be riveted- see this film.
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