• Released
  • January 11, 2013
  • (Opened Limited 12/19 NY/LA)
  • R , 2 hr 37 min
  • Action/Adventure

Zero Dark Thirty

By LadyNikoK
Written October 25, 2014
If you're hoping for two hours of SEAL Team 6 raids- don't bother. If, however, you are a student of history and the hunt for one who shares a level of Hell with Stalin or Pol Pot, then go see this. It is thoughtful, occasionally disturbing (ever asking the question- who is worse, morally- those who harm when they've been wronged, or those who harm in the first place?) and for the most part, an historically accurate look at the period between September, 2001 and the raid on bin Laden that lead to his death.. It's long, intense, brilliantly acted, and it forces the viewer to seek humanity in everyone- from the DCI to the lowly, C4-rigged al-Qaeada foot soldier. The "good guys" need to get "better" in many ways-on the Government side- and the "bad guys" need to find a way out of the abyss in which they are raised - a culture of planned obsolescence. If you want war action, play Call of Duty. If you want to think and learn and be riveted- see this film.
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OMFG, such a good movie!!!!

By baraka1bashad
Written July 30, 2014
3 hours just FLEW by. So intense!!! Great movie!! Loved the acting, the writing, the details, the direction, the cinematography, the timing & rhythm of the shoots. Just meticulous attention to the product. I love when a movie that can put me in their shoes... what's it like to torture Al-Qaeda operatives; to be obsessed with finding Bin-Laden; to be a Navy Seal; to deal with the politics of DC, etc. OK, I may be a little biased because I love love love spy movies. But, this was so much more.
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great movie

By muni2678
Written July 25, 2014
This is a good movie its not a action movie ,but a thriller,action movie similiar to seal team six free on netflix and comcast .This movie has brutal interrigation tactics.This is the reality of war on terrorism and ,what are the limitations of justice.What we were willing to do to capture binladen.See this movie and enjoy it .
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Zero Dark Thirty

By beawatt4
Written July 28, 2014
I thought it was fascinating to get a glimpse into CIA operative and the al queda organizations. It just goes to show how clueless we are here in the homeland. I was captivated the entire movie. I did not want to miss a single word they were saying. Thank God I knew how it ended with bin Laden's death, because the mission was heart thumping! I had to keep reminding myself "they get him" - it was that riveting! I'd see it again!
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Great film!

By lorena212
Written July 23, 2014
Really interesting movie. I always wondered what took so long to capture Bin Laden, and this movie made it pretty much clear why. Really worth the while to see it! The woman who played Maya did a really good job, too.
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