• Released
  • January 11, 2013
  • (Opened Limited 12/19 NY/LA)
  • R , 2 hr 37 min
  • Action/Adventure


By elkscat
Written January 16, 2013
It is amazing how they turned years of dull investigation into an exciting build to finding Bin Laden. They then topped it off with an edge-of-your seat raid where we already knew the outcome. Somehow, it didn't matter that we knew the outcome, it was still riveting. I was glad to see that the interrogation had me less disturbed than the scene where James Bond was tortured in Casino Royale. Yes, it was much more realistic but less disturbing. This is a must see thriller that has a great shot at Oscars.
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Zero Dark 30

By reggert995
Written January 12, 2013
Enjoyed the movie but very intense and not good for under 16 age group. Great job of acting by all in movie. If you like action movies, you have to see this one.
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Seen it twice!!

By jmglewis
Written January 21, 2013
Movie was very well done and seemed to be based on all the information I've read to date. No need to follow the organized planted reviews by the same people who go on Amazon.com and write bad reviews about books they disagree with politically but have never read.
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By jonasandersen84
Written January 16, 2013
I dont get the uber positive reviews - this movie is long-drawn (2 hrs 37 minutes), and during that time the movie never really peaks. There's been a lot of fuzz about the interrigation methods etc, but honestly, none of what you will see in the movie is shocking... I get that its an interesting piece historically - but move wise, its an absolutely waste of time.
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not for the easily bored

By dondef
Written January 12, 2013
i saw the trailer for this movie a few times. and i've watched the full documentary of this raid on cable.. (i forgot if it was military channel or history channel) anyway, its not what i expected. if you were expecting that its going to be more concentrated on the raid, then you're wrong.. its mostly a docu-drama on the CIA's perspective. the first twentyminutes will show you the process of how they interrogate people. and the fun of it. but after they get you pumped up, you need the patience to sit for 2 hours listening to the CIA's office drama. then finally, 10 minutes in the end show you the raid. if you still want to sit and watch this poor excuse of a movie, then this is for you. FINAL SAY: ACT OF VALOR was much better of a movie if you wanted to see our navy seals in action.
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