You will be my Son

By karmic7
Written September 02, 2013
Excellent psychological thriller with each role played brilliantly. he father son relation or rather the lack of it is probed deeply and the layers of distrust and disaffection are vividly exposed as the story unfolds. The photography and the plot are brilliant as well and I recommend this movie to anyone one who loves a complex drama and real depth in action. I give it a top rating--goo and see it and you will be surprised that excellent movies and artistry are still alive and well! Stephane PS from a discriminating movie gooer!
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Struggling Fathers and Sons

By cina-ma
Written August 25, 2013
The beautiful cinematography and direction in this film, set in a gorgeous French chateaux and vineyard, draw us into a world with hidden hurt, mistrust, mistreatment and manipulation between the main characters, two sets of father and sons. All the actors were superb, especially lead Niels Arestrup, in conveying the dark, deep secrets of the men(and women) involved. Although the setting was sunny, the film's themes were dark. I loved it. It was well crafted and written and left you thinking about family relations, inheritance and legacies, and the art in French film making, long after the film ended.
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Movies about wine - this one really works! YOU WILL BE MY SON from Gilles Legrand

By barrysentials
Written August 17, 2013
LOVED this movie!! It's set in gorgeous wine country in Bordeaux - so the scenery is just gorgeous. The depth of the writing and directing reveals the keenest understanding of the long-term effects of a lack of parental love. And then the coldness of the heart of the one refusing to give the love. Holy sh*t. It's deep. And it's clear they understand wine, too. Who should see this movie? Here's my list. 1) Any psychologist who works with families or people who have families or come from families (that's everyone) 2) Wine lovers b/c clearly the writer and director understand wine and all it's complexities 3) Winemakers 4) People who work for their fathers or their mothers Lots of twists and turns that give it intrigue. You can read more details at barrysentialswine dot com
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You Will Be My Son

By NorthorSouthTalk
Written September 02, 2013
Magnificent scenery of wine country in France. Characters are well drawn. The very end was not logical for me. But a movie to see. Yes, go.
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Madrid's Movie review

By pinger1968
Written February 21, 2014
Look at my movie review Go to Examiner/com Type my name Brian Madrid and click on list of movie reviews
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