Youth Without Youth Synopsis
Set in Europe before WWII, a timid professor is changed by a cataclysmic event and explores the mysteries of life.
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good movie, great story

By alindanielolaru
Interesting movie; maybe not for the average movie goer. if you really want tofeel its taste, do a little research on Mircea Eliade's work....

A new cult classic, perhaps

By Raja_H
Coppola is back and who knows what that means for the future. He seems to want to make more experimental films and that will be wonderful wherever it leads. This film is a reminder to the whole CGI...


By how-many-kings
the trailer looks good, but the movie STINCKS BADLY, DO NO SEE IT...

Save your Money!!

By Dutchmazz
That's all I'll say!!...

Youth without Plot!!!!

By LittleLucy27
WHat was the point of this movie? I coulnd't tell you! People, SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!! THIS WAS A BUNCH OF CONVOLUTED CRAP!!!!! I'm pretty sure I counted at least 5 or 6 different plots...

Nice cinematography but..

By SpiderSenseTingling
Coppola does a nice job on the visuals. I thought that opening shot of the train station was nice, and throughout often used unique camera angles, and colors. Short of that, this movie had scenes,...

Youth with 5 different plots....

By alyciadawn
Don't waste your money on this movie! It made absolutely no sense! It started out with one story line and then switched to about 5 other storylines throughout the movie! This is the first movie I...

Weird, Yes... Interesting, Yes... Thought Provoking, Yes.

By slochmiller
Yes it is a strange movie, one with many various turns but it must be so with the changes of time, circumstances etc. I don't know how else it could have been told. I enjoyed it and will watch it...

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Rated R | For some sexuality, nudity and a brief disturbing image