Five Word Review

By landbyrd1
Written October 04, 2009
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It was an ok movie

By jnewtonengineer
Written January 09, 2010
Well overall it had a great appeal to it. Adults and Older Teens would enjoy this movie, but I definitely say keep your kids away. There is alot of sexual humor and visuals. Hope this helps you decide whether to see it or not.
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Youth in Revolt

By Slytheniceguy3
Written January 04, 2010
Although "Youth in Revolt" was funny, it was nowhere near the quality of such other comedy classics like "Superbad" and "Knocked-Up." I thought the film had under-used its abundant supply of famous actors, resulting in a slightly boring, off-beat comedy. While it was visual creative, the story remained trite and the pace was a bit slow (a little too slow for a film billed as a comedy). The two young leads were more than adequate for this film, however, by not using the other zany characters to their potential, I get the feeling that this film could have been so much more.
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My favorite book ever!

By ashleytownsley
Written November 28, 2008
i am stoked for this movie!!!!
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By sasquatchalpha
Written February 02, 2009
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